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About Nick Yates


I hate when people speak in third person, don't you?

Nick Yates is a successful, devilishly handsome marketer who... blah blah...


Anyways, this section is about ME.


I'm an email marketer and strategist currently residing in Texas. It's pretty damn hot here but the barbecue is really, really good. 


Now, let's talk about YOU and how I can help YOU out.


My clients typically struggle with the following:

  • Automating the back-end processes after a purchase occurs (or doesn’t occur). This involves things like post-purchase, abandon cart, and welcome sequences.

  • ​​Sending broadcast-style emails that build a long-term relationship AND make money.

  • ​Viewing their overall email marketing strategy and how it works with the rest of their marketing.

  • Escaping the terrible world of constantly rotating fake sales and praying your audience doesn't hate you.

  • ​Finding the time to send emails AT ALL (even though this should be a major priority).


If any (or all) of the above sounds like a problem you'd absolutely LOVE to fix, let's have a chat.

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