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The absurdly simple way to get your emails opened

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

You know this is important...

You've heard it thousands of times...

Your subject line is everything when it comes to getting your emails read.

I won't beat a dead horse here, but I will help you write better subject lines with one simple change in your thinking process...

If you had to guess, what do you think gets an email opened? Why do people see YOUR name and open YOUR email?

Is it authority? Is it value? Is it your brand name? Is it pure boredom?

No to all of the above...

I've found that two things get my client's emails opened quicker than crab legs disappear at a casino buffet...

Curiosity + benefit.

That's it! You are now an expert email copywriter... go make a course and sell it.

Just kidding... Let's talk about this little copywriting formula...

Curiosity is what gets clicks. But the problem is, you don't want to go full-blown-Brad-Pitt-clickbait-drama on your readers.

This is why you need to add the benefit... the big payoff for reading your email...

The benefit provides value of some kind and doesn't leave the reader feeling shafted for opening your email and reading. They should feel glad they read that, whether they bought from your email or not.

This can be accomplished by providing value or entertaining them in some way.

Or what I like to call... *infotainment*

Numerous copywriters have used this term for decades, and for good reason - it works!

So the question now becomes, what does one of these unicorn-like subject lines look like?

Here are some examples for you:

The greatest unused marketing lesson rarely told

Lose weight with this new HIGH carb diet

Convert high-ticket leads without closing on the phone?

The "don't train over 30 minutes" muscle building plan

See how the curiosity is revved up to the max with these subject lines? And also how the curiosity level is very, very high?

Just imagine if you're struggling through the Keto (low carb) diet right now and you're sitting on your couch dreading another meal of meat and veggies...

And your husband is over there munching away on your favorite type of cookie (which you can't have!)

... then this email pops up in your inbox "Lose weight with this new HIGH carb diet"

How fast are you clicking on that email?

I'd say very fast!

So if you really want to get your emails opened and get your copy read, make sure you use the amazing curiosity + benefit formula I've shown you in this article.

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