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Health Email of the Week #6: BioTRUST

Ah yes, it’s that time again…

It’s Friday in Texas and the weather has finally dropped below 150°F (if you go for a 9 pm stroll, that is), football of all levels is in full swing, and the BioTRUST emails are arriving 2-3 times per day.

Fall is right around the corner…

I can smell the steaks roasting over my open fire pit now…

All is right in the world.

Ok sorry what were we doing here? I seemed to have drifted off into fall-lala land for a moment…

This week we’re diving into the almighty holy light shining down from the email heavens that calls itself BioTRUST.

If you want to see how far you can push email marketing, look no further.

Their norm? 2-3 sends per day, every single day of the week.

I will add a little caveat before we get started…

I’ve chosen one of their shorter emails so that I could thoroughly break down the entire thing. Some of their emails are HUGE. More like a full sales page than an email. So, that’s something to note since it’s obviously working for them.

Now, let the email breakdown commence!

Don’t forget -- if you have some great health email(s) that you want me to review, forward it to me! If it’s good, I’ll buy you a drink the next time we hang out. You can forward the email(s) to:

Make sure you review the selection criteria first though…

Here’s How I select the Emails to Review

1. They must focus on text-based emails. Sure, you can use the occasional image and GIF (bonus points for good GIF usage), but I’m not reviewing one of those walls of graphics with 25 buttons and 45 total words.

2. It needs to excite me deep in my loins. Sorry, was that too much? I’m an email nerd, I get excited about this stuff, give me a break… Long story short, I’m going to review emails that catch my attention. I’m not reviewing a crazy hypey email that sells a product that makes you shit oil slicks and “lose 61 lbs. in just 3 weeks!!!”

3. They need a bit of strategy (just a little, please!) I don’t plan on reviewing the soul-crushing companies that spam their list with neverending BUY MY SHIT types of offers. Those types of “churn and burn” lists cause me physical pain. At least put a little effort into your strategy and I’ll toss you a review, capiche?


The email I selected focuses on their low-carb whey protein product.

First, I think it’s interesting that they’ve chosen to include “low-carb” in the name, as most whey protein powders are low-carb anyways. But, this reveals that there are more than just scientists and fitness nuts working at this company, there was a marketer behind that name…

Second, this is one hell of a discount, normally $49 currently selling for only $24. That’s 51% off for all of you math nerds out there reading this…

Here’s a look at the full email before I begin breaking it down by certain sections:

See? Told ya it was long...

Subject Lines

Let’s take a look at the subject line for this email:

I really, really, really like this SL. Let me tell you why…

First, it’s super clear -- read this to find out what the best protein is.

Second, it’s super specific -- “if you’re over 40” is such a great line.

And here’s the funny thing about that specificity… it works on people who aren’t over 40…

Those who are under 40 might want to know as well. Maybe it’s just curiosity or maybe it’s for their mother or grandfather. You never know. But the specificity makes it more enticing to read and know about.

So, now let’s think of other ways you can use this type of SL for your own emails…

1. You can use this as a template: The Best ______ (If you are ______)

2. You can give them what I call “opposite advice” like this: The Worst Protein (If You’re Over 40)

This type of SL is more of a warning in this situation but you can see how enticing that is.

3. You can also flip-flop this SL like this: If You’re Over 40, Don’t Use This Protein

See how that works? There are a lot of different combinations you could put together and test with your list all from one SL.

Now, let’s check out the (lengthy) body copy and overall strategy…

Body Copy and Overall Strategy

BioTRUST uses very, very long emails. They are more sales page than email copy, in my opinion. They are able to do this because they (most likely) have a team of writers who are working on a lot of email copy at one time. They can test multiple angles and body copy against other emails. This is also how they are able to send 2-3 times per day.

For a normal company with one copywriter, you can still learn from the WAY they write. You might not be able to model their exact strategy, but there’s still value to learn here, so pay close attention.

I’m going to break this down by starting with the lead first…

The lead is the first 1-3 lines and it’s where you “hook” the reader and start them down the slippery slope of wanting to know more and more about the product:

Here we see the hook and offer all in the first two paragraphs…

Starting with the hook, it’s a solid hook. People are obsessed with morning routines that burn fat. They believe that they can turn on their “metabolic furnace” by doing all sorts of things. So, this hook is right in line with what a lot of dieters are searching for, an all-day-long quick fix for weight loss. Just drink this and you can burn fat, increase energy, and curb cravings.

But, suspiciously, there’s no link.

Why do you think that is?

Personally, I think it’s because they want to pre-sell you by having you read more information before they give you the opportunity to click through to the sales page (which is also quite long).

Next, they start helping the reader realize how much protein they are supposed to consume on a daily basis (and how difficult that really is):

25 eggs?! Yikes.

Although I could personally do it (wanna bet me?), most don’t love eggs as much as I do.

Just imagine a 150-pound woman reading that she needs to consume the equivalent of 25 eggs per day to hit her protein goals…

No chance.

So, what’s the logical solution?

A supplement like BioTRUST is offering.

See how that works? It’s a simple logical solution that doesn’t take any convincing after that kind of demonstration.

After that they move into more proof points which are also helpful for the reader to make their decision:

I really love all the points they hit here but they’ve left out something very important for a lot of people…


I know from past research that certain whey protein powders can cause digestive issues for a lot of people. If you look up most any whey protein forums, you’ll find posts of people who can’t stomach it and who want an alternative.

So, I think this should be added to these bullets.

Then, they begin to transition into the close after a few more social proof points:

This is a great close, they’ve thrown in bonuses that will help you use the product effectively, further destroying any final objections they might face.

Next, more social proof. 3 million containers? Not many can claim that, it’s pretty amazing.

And lastly, the big discount number again with a great money-back guarantee of 60-days.

That sets this up to be a great transaction for the reader if they are interested in this product currently.


There’s no arguing against what BioTRUST is doing with email marketing. I wanted to highlight one of the best health companies at this game so you can see exactly how far you can take this whole email thing.

Not only are they putting out great emails, they’re also helping tons of people. That’s my favorite thing about the health market, in general. I know my words are helping others better themselves in both mental and physical health.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Health Email of the Week and I highly recommend you sign up for BioTRUST’s list and study what they’re doing.

If you get annoyed with frequent emails, just set up a folder and autofilter them to read later ;)

Before you go…

If you have any health and fitness emails you’d like to submit for any upcoming Health Email of the Week posts, please forward them to my email:

And if you found this valuable, please consider giving it a share.

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