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Is this one mistake crushing your E-commerce brand?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I have an addiction.

It's not one of those addictions... It's different from most addictions. My addiction will actually be super helpful to you... In fact, it can help you make a ton of money if you pay close attention to the rest of this article.

I'm addicted to opting in to sales funnels and analyzing them.

Specifically, I love reading emails, going through product funnels, looking at graphics, and everything else in between.

So how will that help you make a lot of money? Well, you see, I've done the dirty work for you. I've rummaged through the sludge of ecom sales funnels and pulled out pieces of what works and what doesn't work.

And now I'm going to tell you the one mistake I found over and over and over...

Most ecom brands don't have a proper indoctrination sequence running after a purchase occurs.

I just heard you gulp when you read that line... Don't worry, now you know that you need to do after you finish reading this article.

Before you create your own sequence, let me further demonstrate why you need this little salesman working for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week...

Why is an indoctrination sequence important?

Because having a proper indoctrination sequence allows you to build a ravenous list that is 100% free of charge.

Can you say $0 ad spend? Cha-ching.

*ohhh ahhh*

Once you've captured these leads, you don't have to use any more ad spend to message them over and over and over again. You now own those leads, unlike the leads you pay Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to let you advertise to.

The problem is, you have to get them to read those pesky little emails you're sending, right?

That's why the indoctrination sequence is so important. You want to use these white-hot leads and message them immediately. This is your chance to shine!

I use the first 2-3 emails of this sequence to build brand awareness:

Email 1: Thank you and follow up with your story. Make it personal. Send a personal note from the CEO or your founder. Include a picture of the CEO's dog, whatever gets the job done.

Side note: I'd probably buy from you just because you included your dog.

Email 2: Build brand awareness. Make them feel good about buying from you. Tell them why it's such a good thing they purchased from you and not someone else. This is where you start building your tribe loyalty and begin creating "ambassadors."

Ask yourself: What would you be able to communicate to them that would make them want to tell their friends about your brand?

For example, think about how TOMS did this with the "buy one give one" idea. People would purchase shoes and then run and tell their friends their purchase gave a pair of shoes to a little kid in a country they've never heard of.

Email 3: Make yourself relatable to the reader. You want to create an "us vs. them" mentality with your reader. For example, one of my clients sells products to healthcare workers. The indoctrination sequence I used for this brand focuses on how healthcare workers are overworked and underappreciated. This really hits home with this niche.

When they read my emails they know they are reading words from someone who "gets it" and understands their struggles.

See how that works? You're further indoctrinating them to you, your brand, and your culture.

Now that I've completed my indoctrination of you to my indoctrination sequence idea...

Here's your homework:

Task #1: Write your indoctrination sequence - Use the email format I gave you above and be YOU. Tell your brand's story. Include all the weird, quirky stuff about your brand. Add photos. Make it your own weird thing.

Task #2: Share this article with someone who needs to read it! I love helping ecom brands. There are so many amazing stores out there that haven't been discovered. It's my passion to help these stores make their brand voice heard.

Task #3: If your brand needs help with email, send me a message and let's chat! You might just be my next success story.

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