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Health Email of the Week #3: Perfect Keto

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

If you’ve hung around the health niche for any amount of time, you know who Perfect Keto is.

They’re one of the top Keto brands on the market and they do a killer job with their marketing.

I especially like their mix of direct response marketing with content marketing. They’ve found a way to combine informative marketing with selling that works very well for them.

Now, let’s dive into this week’s Health Email of the Week.

If you have some great health email(s) that you want me to review, forward it to me! If it’s good, I’ll buy you a drink the next time we hang out. You can forward the email(s) to:

Make sure you review the selection criteria first though…

Here’s How I select the Emails to Review

1. They must focus on text-based emails. Sure, you can use the occasional image and GIF (bonus points for good GIF usage), but I’m not reviewing one of those walls of graphics with 25 buttons and 45 total words.

2. It needs to excite me deep in my loins. Sorry, was that too much? I’m an email nerd, I get excited about this stuff, give me a break… Long story short, I’m going to review emails that catch my attention. I’m not reviewing a crazy hypey email that sells a product that makes you shit oil slicks and “lose 61 lbs. in just 3 weeks!!!”

3. They need a bit of strategy (just a little, please!) I don’t plan on reviewing the soul-crushing companies that spam their list with neverending BUY MY SHIT types of offers. Those types of “churn and burn” lists cause me physical pain. At least put a little effort into your strategy and I’ll toss you a review, capiche?

Subject Lines

Now, let’s take a look at the subject line of this email:

This is a decent subject line. It hits hard on the curiosity using the “Re:” trick.

Personally, I’m a bit numb to this tactic since I’ve seen it so many times, but it seems to still work to get non-marketers to open emails since they believe it’s a reply email.

I think there could be a few improvements here by using more copy focused on the benefit side of things…

“your new fave snack”... to get what result?


Your new fave snack for weight loss.

Your new fave on-the-go-keto snack.

Your new fave snack for all-day energy.


There’s a lot of possibilities here to spice this up.

Next, let’s check out the body copy and overall strategy…

Body Copy and Overall Strategy

Here’s the full email for you to review before diving into the body copy and strategy…

This email starts out with a pretty solid GIF:

I love how they give you a reference as to what this tastes like.

Most people have an anchor in their mind as to whether or not they like Mounds of PayDay bars. So, instead of telling you, “this tastes like a peanut butter lover’s dream come true!” they keep it simple and reference a taste that’s already anchored in your mind.

And subconsciously, my mind went to, “Ok, this is like a healthy PayDay that’s actually good for my body…”

Just a little side note.

I really like the next section they added here.

First, they do a great job covering a commonly held objection in the health niche -- will it taste good? And, more importantly, will I want to eat this every single day?

Anyone who has done any kind of diet knows how important taste is when you have to eat it at least once per day, sometimes two or more times...

If you’ve choked down chicken breasts and broccoli as you punish your body fat into submission (die fat cells, die!!!), you know this can become a total nightmare by the end of day two.

But not with nolabar, even the “non-keto people” love these flavors.

You’re getting a good dose of social proof here with the “avalanche” of reviews and the fact that people who couldn’t care less about getting into ketosis are digging this flavor.

This implies they are choosing to eat this bar just because it tastes good…

Not because they’re trying to eat something healthy.

So, to a health nut, this sounds even more amazing.

Next, they tackle another objection aimed at the keto crowd -- the overall quality of the product.

The bottom line with this market is, how healthy is this bar of yours and why should I choose it over other bars?

This bar is not cheap so it needs to really WOW with the benefits. It needs to feel as if you’re getting a bargain for the sheer number of nutritional benefits you receive by eating.

Make sense?

So, check out how they demonstrate this…

This is a benefit BOMB.

The bullets cover a lot of the top things healthy people try to avoid -- sugar, corn syrup, specific oils -- then they use a graphic to give you an easily understood “us vs. them” argument.

And I think they easily win this argument.

The nolabar crushes those “other” bars. It’s a no-brainer.

Now, let’s take a look at the call to action (CTA):

Pretty standard copy, but one thing to note…

The more you buy, the more you save.

I LOVE this idea.

Marketing nerd side note: It would be really nice to see some stats on which offer gets the best conversion rate, my guess would be “buy 4 get 25% off.”

One thing I think they could do a better job of here is amplifying the urgency.

Even though this is the beginning of the sale (they sent a lot more emails with urgency later on), I still want to see some type of urgency to help push the reader off the fence…

Sometimes I’ll use copy like “your body can’t wait any longer, quit feeding it low-quality snacks today…”

This works well because it’s subtle but the reader can agree with it because most people struggling with weight loss have put it off for a long time. So they know how much procrastinating they’ve done. This leaves them to answer the questions if they’ll actually make a change today or not.


Overall, I love what Perfect Keto does with their emails.

They are one of the few companies that use graphics effectively and don’t overdo it. The specific graphics they use usually have a lot of copy and focus on direct response methodologies.

There’s a big difference between those types of graphics and an email that is ONE HUGE IMAGE that screams “25% off” for no reason, buy my stuff!!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this Health Email of the Week breakdown.

Until next week.

If you have any health and fitness emails you’d like to submit for any upcoming Health Email of the Week posts, please forward them to my email:

And if you found this valuable, please consider giving it a share.

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