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Struggling to make money with your emails? Give this a try.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

If you want to drastically improve ALL metrics of your emails, then you'll love what I'm about to show you.

What you've just read is one of my numerous secret weapons of mass inception.

You see, when I write emails, I write them for a specific purpose. This could be to get a click, get a purchase, or make the reader think, "Wow - that Nick guy must be the coolest dude on the planet!"

Ok maybe the last one never actually happens but the first two are very true...

So how is the very first line of this article a secret weapon of mass inception you ask? It's one of my favorite ways to open an email.

As humans, our brains are terrible at paying attention to anything.

Think about it, if you've made it this far into reading this, it might be one of the longest things you've read all day, isn't it?

So when you're writing an email, your first line is make or break time. If you write a boring first line like, "Hi [first name] - today we're going to talk about marketing that will make you money!" then you've lost the reader.

The awareness level of your readers is typically very high. They've seen numerous articles just like yours that make promises that never come true. They are basically "numb" to offers like yours.

What makes your email worth reading? What is the big payoff if they read it all?

That's where my secret weapon of mass inception comes into play... The glorious, beautiful, beaming-with-pure-radiance, "if/then" lead.

Here's the formula: If you want to [major benefit] then you'll love what I'm about to tell you.

Let's break this formula down...

This if/then lead works so well because it is so incredibly simple. The reader knows immediately what they get if they read your message. You identify a source of pain for them and you tell them you've got a solution if they just take a few seconds of their time to pay attention to you.

Amazing isn't it?

Here are some more examples for you to use in your next email:

Weight loss: If you've been cutting carbs but not seeing the scale move, then you'll love the new "high carb" diet that I'm about to show you.

Note: the curiosity here is off the charts. "High carb?! What?! My dream come true! Show me, show me!"

Get rich quick: If you've been forking money into your 401k year after year, but not sure you'll ever be able to retire, you'll want to read every word of this brief message.

Note: You know those old dudes forking money into their 401k will read this. We've identified a pain point and jabbed our finger in it.

Relationship: If you don't think you'll ever find the love of your life because you're just "too shy," then you'll love this brand new method of texting your way into her heart. Let me explain...

Note: Any introverted man would love to hear how he could get the love of his life by staying home and "texting his way into her heart!"

So there you have it. A bunch of examples you can swipe for your next email you write. Simply repurpose any of the examples in this article to fit your needs.

If you found this useful, I'd love for you to share it with someone you know will appreciate these helpful tips.

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