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My Clients Get Results

Chris Orzechoswki

Founder, Orzy Media

E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategist

I hired Nick Yates at my agency, Orzy Media, to help me with some of the email copy for our clients. Nick has been a rock star from Day 1. 


"He helped grow their monthly revenue from email by 21.5% - an instant improvement."


He not only writes great copy, he's got an eye for email strategy that elevates his abilities to a whole new level. I tried him out on one of our accounts (a supplement brand) and he helped grow their monthly revenue from email by 21.5% - an instant improvement. 


He's always thinking of good email angles and hooks - stuff that most normal copywriters would never even think of. He does his research, meets his deadlines, and most importantly... his copy MAKES IT RAIN. 


I'd highly recommend hiring Nick Yates for any copy project where you need a true pro to nail it.

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"His attention to detail and how much he cares about the projects he's working on is absolutely breathtaking..."

Brendan Meyers

Owner/Founder, CreateU

"If you're looking to get more conversions and increase sales, Nick is definitely the guy to talk to"

Chris, The Primal Man

Owner, The Primal Man

"You really showed me the different ways to make money with email and introduced me to metrics that matter."

Richie Crowley

Owner, RickiRicki

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