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Finally… The TRUTH About Building A Simple, One-Person Copywriting Business

How To Create A Copywriting Business That Generates Over $10,000 Per Month…
Without Sending Spammy Cold Emails, Running Ads, or Making B.S. “Value Posts” On Social Media

Hi, I’m Nick Yates and I run a one-person copywriting business that generates well over $10,000 per month. 


I send zero cold emails. 


I make zero B.S. “value posts” on Facebook or Instagram. 


And I don’t run any prospecting ads. 


Best of all, I work when I want, where I want, and how I want.


Now, I’ve decided to share my entire business model with the world. 


So, the question is… 


Why the hell would I share this information? 


PrObAblY tO mAKe ThOUsAnDs of DOllArS, rIGhT bRah? #scammer 🥴🥴🥴   


Nope, I make most of my money from client work so I don’t necessarily need another income stream. 


In fact, the only reason I do charge anything for this information is so that you become personally invested in consuming the information I share. If it was free, you’d probably not utilize it. 


Here’s the real reason… 


It’s quite simple really, I want to break the mold of copywriting courses. 


I’m tired of seeing copywriters spending thousands of dollars on courses that are filled with regurgitated junk. They cram more and more information into their courses just to charge more money with no thought as to what’s actually needed to get results for their students. 


*cue dry heave noise* 


So, I’d like to save you from that if I can. 


And no, I’m not just saying this to position myself as some anti-guru douche bag… 


I’ve gone through these courses and I’ve spent well over 5-figures myself. 


In fact, I was quite the course junkie for a long time and, not ironically, this was also the lowest point in my business. 


The problem was, I spent all of my time-consuming courses instead of growing my business. 


Maybe this sounds familiar to you? 


Maybe I’ve struck a nerve here and you’re realizing you’re in this exact situation right now? 


If so, good news for you... it’s not your fault. 


We've all done it. 


Many copywriters, including myself, have followed this exact path. 


So, right now I’d like to help you escape that hamster wheel… 


Keep reading and I’ll show you the simple solution I found which will finally let you grow your copywriting business to $10,000+ per month.

The Tiny Copy Biz Model For Big Revenue
From One Copywriter



That’s how much money my Tiny Copy Biz generated in October 2021. 


Sure, I know that isn’t a CRAZY number or anything, but it allows me to live very comfortably and basically do whatever I want and I have almost ZERO expenses.


I only have a handful of clients and I don’t work more than 4-5 hours per day. 


So, how is this possible? 


Here are the two cornerstones of my Tiny Copy Biz… 


Finding high-quality email marketing clients and creating win-win deals with them. 


That’s it. 


See, I told you it was simple, didn’t I? 


Now, obviously, this is simple on paper but in reality, it’s not that easy. 


It took years for me to figure out the basics of prospecting and deal structures that create huge income for my business. 


The good news for you is, you don’t have to spend years trying to figure this out like I did… 


I’ll show you everything. 


Check this out…

The Tiny Copy Biz Workshop:

Model My Entire Copywriting Business and

Quickly Scale to $10,000+ Per Month

I’ve decided the best way to teach you the Tiny Copy Biz model would be for you and I to work very closely together for four weeks. 


As you know, most people that purchase a course don’t actually go through the material which also means they don’t implement any of the stuff they bought. 


So to combat this little problem, I’ve decided the best way to teach you the Tiny Copy Biz model would be to meet once per week for four weeks on live calls. 


Each call will be focused and actionable. We will not waste any time with storytelling and all of that B.S. I’m going to deliver what you need to grow your business and continuously push forward. 


Here’s the schedule we’ll follow (I’ll send out the actual dates later. If you can’t make it live, you’ll receive the recordings):

Module 1: Tiny Copy Biz Model Introduction and Overview

  • The 10,000-foot overview of running a Tiny Copy Biz (I’ll share what I do and how you can model it) 

  • Mindset secrets of a Tiny Copy Biz owner 

  • The $0-$10,000 model that I use and how you can use it too 

  • Can you really do this with only a handful of clients? (Yes, in fact, you can do this with just ONE client if you follow what I teach you) 

  • Why I believe email marketing is the best copywriting niche to pursue 

  • How to run a Tiny Copy Biz while working a 9-5 job (your escape plan is very possible) 

  • Live Q&A recording

Module 2: How To Find Clients and How To Market Yourself

  • Real examples of conversations I’ve had that lead to tens of thousands of dollars in deals (we’ll walk through screenshots together) 

  • Why I don’t send cold emails, write B.S. value posts, or run ads for my Tiny Copy Biz (and what I do instead) 

  • How to identify high-quality clients that can actually afford your services 

  • Should you choose a specific niche or not? 

  • How to talk to prospects without being the tenth “annoying copywriter” to contact them that day 

  • Should you use social media for anything? (yes, but in a very specific way…) 

  • How to remain relevant in your niche and establish credibility 

  • Live Q&A recording

Module 3: Client and Project Management

  • How to handle your clients and make sure they don’t run your life 

  • Project Management tools and apps (I’ll show you numerous methods and what it’s like to work on multiple teams) 

  • How to work WITH your clients and not FOR them (this is extremely important) 

  • The quickest methods to learn email marketing strategy (yes, you need to know this, it isn’t JUST about writing!) 

  • How to identify any areas of weakness in your client’s marketing strategies and help them (and you) make a lot more money 

  • Live Q&A recording

Module 4: Deal Structure and Exponential Growth Model

  • How to structure your deals to create exponential growth possibilities 

  • Run the numbers and hit your revenue goals (we’ll do this live, together) 

  • What’s better, long-term partnerships or one-time projects? 

  • The safest way to grow your business and not worry about where your next payment will come from 

  • See and discuss the actual contract I use for clients (real example) 

  • Live Q&A recording

How About Some Juicy Bonuses?

Bonus #1: Access to ALL future versions of the Tiny Copy Biz Workshop 


When you buy the Tiny Copy Biz Workshop recordings, you’ll receive access to all future versions as well. I plan on running this a few times, live, improving it every single time. As I learn more and more about what you’re looking for, I will continue to add more to this workshop. 


Bonus #2: Access to ALL future bonus material including expert interviews 


I plan to bring in a lot of experts who can discuss how they operate their Tiny Copy Biz. I know my version of this is just one of many different options so I’d like to give you tons of options by interviewing different experts and you’ll have access to all of these recordings at no extra cost. 


Bonus #3: Unlimited email access to get all of your questions answered by me 


As a Tiny Copy Biz workshop student, you’ll have unlimited access to me via email, forever. Whenever you have questions or simply want to discuss an idea together, all you have to do is shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

The Rest Is Up To You…

I won’t give you some big long rambling urgency talk right now. 


You know what the deal is, you have two choices: 


Choice #1: Buy the Tiny Copy Biz Workshop recordings, learn my simple methods and grow your business. 


Choice #2: Spend tens of thousands of dollars on more courses, more consumption, and remain on the hamster wheel. 


The choice is yours! 


See you on the inside, 


Nick Yates

Worried This Might Not Be For You? No Problem... 

If you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth once we finish the workshop recordings, just let me know and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


I truly believe this workshop will give you clarity and confidence while helping you realize that getting to $10,000 per month doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Join the Waitlist Below... 

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